Welcome to LoveDolls.co ! We are Global Distributor and Manufacturer of the most innovative, realistic, 1:1 love dolls. Our dolls are the newest Real Life Sex Dolls that you can use to fulfil your sexual fantasies with even more of a real life experience than with any other love doll that has ever been sold before. With the innovation of new technologies and materials you can now have a love doll that offers a real life sexual experience. It is fully positionable and can manipulated to fit its environment.

Because it is life size it can be dressed up or dressed down to wear any clothes straight off the rack of any clothing store. You have the option 5 different eye colors and 4 different hair colors and with or without an inner skeleton. She is always ready and always willing and never ever complains. High quality source materials for creation of new love dolls are getting more and more expensive, but we have limited numbers at this special introductory price, get yours before we raise the price.

 Doll Description:

  Height: 160cm
  Weight: 15KG
  Material: Silicone
  Inside: High polymer
  Hole: Vagina, Anus


     $2999 (Standard Price)
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